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Show report by Scot Hull  | Mar 18th, 2013


You’ll know Reinhard Goerner by the bandana – he’s never without it, it’s like a flag, shouting “hey – great sound over here!” Audio Physic, the brand Reinhard brings in, is a show-favorite of mine.  The in-room performance of the Virgo 25+ was extremely satisfying, with a grainless treble, a lovely, clear mid and ample (if not overpowering) bass. What’s not to like? And, as my wife would have put it – they look like speakers (as opposed to space ships, apparently). The “Plus” version here is a special edition, commemorating the company’s 25th anniversary, but I think that was just an excuse to tweak the performance even more. .

New posts, some new materials, trickle-down footers from the flagship Avanterra, and – ta da! -- a new speaker with better bass, detail and presence is on offer. Or so I’m told -- all I know is that it sounds great. Price starts at $18k. An Acoustic Signature Storm turntable ($7,500) with a Funk FXR tonearm ($2,995) were demoed with a Trigon Advance phono ($2,995) and a Grandinote Shinai class A, dual-mono, zero-feedback integrated ($16k). A Creaktive Audio-Line 1-4 Aktiv Plus ($2,200) audio rack held all the bits together