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Reinhard Goerner brought in a tasty and excellent sounding collection of components from Germany. Reinhard is delighted to see a show in Toronto after an absence of many years and predicts it will be a great success year after year. He’ll be back. The turntable is from Accoustic Signature, the electronics from Trigon, the equipment from Creaktiv HiFi, the speakers from Audio Physic and all the wiring by North America’s Nordost.


New this year was the Audio Physic Avantera ($26,000 in premium ebony finish), first shown in May this year in Munich and making it’s North American debut here at the show. Weighing 40kg and standing 1150mm tall the claimed frequency range is 28Hz – 40kHz with 89dB efficiency.


The Trigon Kronolog Music Server ($9000) was making its world debut here. Not only can it play music files and operate wirelessly but it can generate its own web page so you can control it from any web enabled device.

The Storm turntable ($7,500 without tonearm) is also making a North American debut, part of a range running from $3,400 to $45,000 – vinyl is here to stay. The Storm features a 12k, 50mm solid aluminum turntable platter and an external synchronous motor, electronically regulated, while key to its high performance is the dry bearing assembly made of a new Tidorfolon material. The Trigon Monolog 400 watt monoblocs – run for $19,000 a pair, and the Dialog modular preamp starts at $9,500 with single ended inputs and then you can add modules such as DAC and phono stages or balanced analog inputs.


The Creaktiv Reference Plus CI²P audio rack runs for $10,500 and the Creaktiv Audio line Amplifier base adds $1000, and Reinhard considers them a very important component of the system, providing not only stability and vibration control but also eliminating electro smog and RF interference.



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